We are visiting Eibsee today.

It’s one of our favorite spots and it’s been a few years since our last visit here…

The majestic Zugspitze hides in the clouds today.

A few lucky moments for the visitors who went to the top of Zugspitze where the clouds clear around the top…

After walking around the lake, it’s time for a break…

The biergarten also made the bavarian speciality “steckerlfisch”, but we didn’t have one 🙂

Prien am Chiemsee

On our way home from Waginger See we decide to do a pitstop at Chiemsee.

The steam train was about to leave when we got there, so we decide to hop on and see where it takes us…

We bought the ticket on the train and at a price of 3,70 eur for a return ticket we figured out that it couldn’t be a long trip.

It only took us to the Prien train station, which was a few kilometers away from the harbor.

But it was a cozy (and bumpy) ride and now we know where it’s destitation is 🙂

After the train ride it’s time for a pitstop!

We went for a stoll by the lake side before heading home…

Waging am See

It’s way to hot for us as we hit 31C today…

We went for a walk in Waging am See.

Went into a church to cool down 🙂

And a bit later we needed some further cooling down 🙂

Apart from this we just relaxed and “enjoyed” the good weather – well at least it didn’t rain 🙂