Finest Spirits 2017 in Munich

Today I was at the Finest Spirits Festival in Munich, with some colleagues and friends from work.

We tasted A LOT of great whisky, rum, gin and other spirits. Even though it was only 2cl per glass, we got quite a lot over the course of the day ­čÖé

I ended up buying yet another local Bavarian whisky from Chiemsee, made by Kymsee Whisky ­čÖé

And for my wife I bought a Munich gin from Feel! Munich Dry Gin

If you are in Munich next year when the next Finest Spirits Festival takes place, I can highly recommend to visit it.

Here are some impressions, that I managed to shoot between the tastings…

Hasselblad magazine trap seal fix

As discovered on our Olympiadorf photowalk my second magazine had an issue.

I ordered 2 new trap seal kits made by Dirk Werner in USA.

First remove the top plate from the magazine.

Then carefully place the new trap seal and tug in the foam.

Easy fix if you don’t have 10 thumbs…

Old vs. new. It took me 5-10 minutes to change the trap seal. Now I have a spare for my other magazine, just in case…

Olympiadorf photowalk

I’m on my way to the Olympiadorf in Munich.

Together with a few colleagues, we are headed out for a small photowalk in the “Bungalow city” and afterwards a old abandoned S-bahn station.

The bungalows are for students and they are all decorated by the students themselves.

Close to the bungalows, there is an old abandoned S-bahn station. The station was officially closed in 1988 and has since then just slowly deteriorated.

Here are my partners in crime for the photowalk:

My colleagues, Walter on the left and Paul on the right.

After my first shot, I felt that something was wrong in my magazine, where the dark slide go in. It’s a “new” magazine which I bought on eBay about a month ago, but today was the first day where I took it out for a field test. So I knew there was a chance of defects…

After unloading the film, I could remove the dark slide and this is what I saw… The mechanism to insure that no light get’s in when the dark slide is removed, is broken. So this nice little foil has been in front of all my shots today…

I have already ordered a new “trap seal kit” for 13 USD. I takes 5 minutes to change it, so it’s not a big deal.

Relaxing in south Germany

We needed a break, so Friday evening we decided to book a hotel somewhere in the alps.

We booked a night at Hotel Birgsauer Hof just outside of Oberstdorf, which is in the most southern city in Germany. We drove down Saturday morning, not to hike or do anything – just to relax and enjoy life…

This was the view from our balcony.

For dinner, we enjoyed a traditional schnitzel “Wiener Art”. It just tastes much better when sitting in the mountains.

After dinner we went for a little walk. Not all the way to the top though…

We spent the Sunday in Lindau by Bodensee.