Birding on a rainy day

The weather can’t really decide today… partly rain for half an hour, then it’s clearing up only to start raining again for a bit…

But a few raindrops will not stop us today, so we head out for Echinger Stausee. It’s raining a bit when we get there, but after a while it clears up and the sun is peeking out.

This is a rare shot of the common chiffchaff. Not because it’s a rare bird, but they are always on the move and never sit on the same spot for a very long time… at least not when trying to get a good photo of it 🙂

The savi’s warbler on the other hand, is a rare bird around here. The last few times we went to Echinger Stausee, we met a lot of people with big cameras and big telescopes, hoping to catch a glimpse of the little warbler.

We got lucky and got some good shots of it, only about 10m from where we were standing…

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