Celebrating our 10 years wedding anniversary

On February 24th we had our 10 years wedding anniversary and we drove of to the Black Forest to celebrate it.

After a lot of road work and traffic jams on the A8 autobahn, we arrived a bit late at Berghotel Mummelsee.

We got a pleasent surprise as the room was big and cozy.

It was even suited with a proper lounge corner, which we normally miss when staying at a hotel.

As we got in a bit late, we decided to get dinner in the room. The restaurant prepared a delicious Black Forest Burger with local ingredients for us.

The hotel is located next to a smal lake, Mummelsee, one of the most visited lakes in Baden-Württemberg.

We were out for a drive and decided to cross the Rhine to France, as it’s been a long time since our last visit to France 🙂

We crossed a bridge with a big sluice system and stopped to shoot a few photos.

The gates are quite impressive…

On our way home we made a stop in Sasbachwalden, a small village on the mountain side. They are famous for their wine and after a local wine tasting, Mette bought 6 bottles of their white wine.

Driving up the mountain, it started to rain and the temperature dropped quickly. As we got closer to the hotel, the rain transformed into snow and the temperature went below 0C. I learned that this would be the last winter season on the current winter tires – I had to disable traction control on the Mini and just let it run at 2.000 rpm in second gear until we got to the top. A few other cars had to give up and drive down the mountain again, where as a few others passed us as if the road was clear.

Back at the hotel we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a local cake. Of course I had to try the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorten – which is a Schwarzwald speciality – nomnomnom 🙂

On the last morning, we woke to this beautiful view. It was time to pack our bags and head home again.

Schwarzwald will for sure be on the list to explore more in the future.

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